The experience acquired by our computer technicians, our state-of-the-art equipment as well as our clean room in the workshop, allows us to work on all models of hard disks and to manage any case of Data Recovery loss .

A hard disk can be invaded by water or any other Data Recovery liquid, burned by fire or voltage overload, damaged mechanically after a collision or fall, or damaged by alleged technicians who operate on the drive without any skill and without any security.

Regardless of how the data was lost, it is important not to entrust the data recovery procedures to an unqualified person, but to use professionals.

Regardless of the operating system contained in the medium, we are able to recover all types of data. Our years of cumulative experience in the field of data recovery allow us to intervene on any file system.

Wikipedia Data loss issues can occur on both desktop and laptops, USB, external hard drives, etc. and they do not depend on anything in particular, so it is always recommended to make backup copies of the information (images, writings, university theses, projects, etc.) that are stored on any type of device.