Of course, it is not about knowledge and skills. Without them, there is no specialist. The experience of an engineer is the most important Data Recovery component of his successful work, but he has quite material assistants: soldering stations, head pullers, plate shifters, a microscope, sets of readers for reading chips, a laminar flow hood for working in a clean room, a donor base for a quick selection of spare parts, computers equipped with the required software.

But the main tool can be considered the hardware and software complex PC3000 Express + Data Extractor . Almost any breakdown of a modern hard drive requires the use of this complex.

Any story about how someone changed heads at home and copied data on a regular PC, after which the disk worked for several months, is a story about old disks, with low recording density and primitive back-end.

A modern drive with foreign heads is a temporarily semi-alive device. It may require setting up service modules, reading separately by heads, changing the direction of reading, skipping sections, etc. All this and provides PC3000 , if it is managed by a professional.

Data Recovery

An engineer with this complex creates conditions for reading data from patient disks after serious operations. Very similar to an equipped intensive care unit with a medical team.

Yes, other tools: laminar flow hood, head pullers, plate shifters, readers, soldering irons, etc. are assistants in carrying out operations. They work on the statistics of successful Linkedin recovery on volumes of thousands of orders and increase comfort at work.

A real specialist in a single case can cope without all this. And of course, this will not help an amateur in any way. But this is about surgery.

Resuscitation, that is, reading a disc under proper conditions, is necessary after most operations on modern discs. And the PC3000 professional solution is completely unrivaled for these purposes.