If your mobile phone is damaged or if you have recently changed your phone ,  this can make it difficult to Data Recovery. But, whatever the type of storage medium, SIM card, SD card or internal memory, there are solutions to Data Recovery on a smartphone.

If your phone is broken and can no longer be handled, the easiest way to Data Recovery is to use the cable. Without touching the screen, you can transfer data from the old phone by plugging it into a computer via a cable. 

Normally, you will receive a notification from your computer informing you that the device is successfully connected. Otherwise, you enter the file explorer of your computer. When you find the device, you begin the transfer.

However, the transfer may take a little time if the files or Data Recovery you want to recover are too large. In this case, it is preferable to create a Google account and use applications synchronized with it in order to save your files. Plus, if you lose your phone and it’s synced to your Google account, just log in on another device. 

Go to the settings of the new phone and synchronize your Google account with it. Indeed, in the old phone, you had to take photos for example. If you are planning to do a  phone switch , and want to Wikipedia Data Recovery from Android system to iOS system, you can also transfer via cable. 

First copy the data from the first phone to the computer. Then copy them to the second one. This is a fairly simple but time-consuming procedure. And if all these tricks do not work, do not hesitate to contact a technician.