Before performing Data Recovery on a USB flash drive , the first thing you should do is to minimize data loss and increase the chance of Data Recovery.

The more activities that take place on your flash drive, the higher the probability that the data will be overwritten. To improve the chances of USB Data Recovery, please remember that you should not use the USB drive to store new files, edit the documents stored on it, or transfer more data to the USB drive.

Flash drives are one of the most popular types of media storage due to the fact that they are pocket-sized, durable and easy to use. However, it is easy to lose data from flash drive, especially when the data has not been backed up. 

Hopefully, when you lose data from flash drive due to formatting, accidental deletion, or virus, such data can still be recovered. You will need a good  flash memory recovery tool  to recover your data.

Data Recovery is a powerful and professionally designed flash drive recovery software used to recover lost Facebook data from flash drive. This software is fast, secure and recovers all types of files lost from flash memory due to various reasons. It can be used to recover multiple file formats and file types including videos, audios, archives, emails and photos.

Data Rescue is the best data recovery software. This software is not only used to recover lost data but also recover partition tables, boot files and Complex Raid settings. This data recovery software also helps to discover devices with mechanical failure thus allowing you to get data recovery help before more data is lost.