What should I do if a Microsoft Excel file containing your data does not open? Is it possible to recover important Data Recovery Services that has become inaccessible?

If suddenly you cannot open a spreadsheet containing your Data Recovery Services, what are the chances of successfully recovering it and what should be done?

Unfortunately this is a known problem with Microsoft Excel. There are several solutions to the problem. You can Data Recovery Services a damaged Excel file only by trying all the possibilities that exist.

Recent versions of Microsoft Excel are compatible with file recovery. Before, this functionality was either missing or insufficient. Currently this function is effective for 10 to 20% of damaged files. 

Everything is simple and does not require great knowledge. For many users this function is quite adequate to recover a damaged Excel file . If you cannot recover your file using this method, OpenOffice.org may be of help.

Starting with Office 2007, Microsoft Office files have the Wikipedia same format as Open Office . It is therefore possible to download and install the complete OpenOffice.org pack in order to use it to try to recover the file.

Just send your file to the service and wait for the result. According to the statistics gathered by the developers of the service, there is a success rate of 40% for damaged Excel files.

If you have a lot of corrupt Excel files or don’t want to trust them to someone for privacy reasons, use third-party tools.