It appears that technological advancement has made the world advanced to such an extent that the world has become a global village. One of the major technological advancements can be seen in the form of cryptocurrencies which have captured the attention of a lot of investors. People are looking for different options and are always in search of important information which in anyways can benefit them.

Through the process of Crypto-mining, it is possible to earn cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Mining in the past had been possible through regular home desktops but now the times have changed and there is a need to keep pace with the fast-changing world. So, people are always looking for better options. Out of the many Mining options which are available to the people, the two most common of these are ASIC Mining and GPU Mining. However, there might be confusion as in which option for mining should be chosen that is, ASIC mining or GPU mining.

Following are some of the differences between ASIC Mining and GPU Mining:

– There is a poor resale value for the ASIC Mining whereas for GPU Mining the resale value can be regarded as good.

– The Return On Investment (ROI) for ASIC Mining is high whereas for GPU Mining the per day earning can be regarded as low.

– ASIC Mining has an easy setup which on the other hand for GPU Mining is complicated.

– ASIC Mining has a poor warranty whereas GPU Mining has a good warranty. The support for GPU Mining is up to three years, on the other hand, the support for ASIC Mining is only up to 180 days.

– ASIC Mining can be regarded as costly in comparison with GPU Mining since it utilizes more power.

– ASIC Mining is not for home use however, GPU Mining is suitable for the home.

– ASIC Mining is not easy to buy however, GPU Mining is easy to buy.

– There is no need for any additional components for the ASIC but PSU would be a must, however, for the GPU Mining, it won’t be possible to function itself.

It appears that both ASIC Mining and GPU Mining have their relevant benefits making them beneficial for the user based on their preference level. ASIC Mining despite having great speed is becoming quite uncommon. Based on the cost preference GPU Mining seems like a better option. Based on the points which have been discussed above it appears that GPU Mining seems like a better option for people who are generally risk-averse. Such people don’t want to take a lot of risks and being risk-averse they can go for this particular option. The technological advancement is bringing new changes every day. Something common today might not be in future so who knows what new options would be available for Bitcoin Mining but for now two available options are being discussed with their differences.