Technological advancement has made everyone a part of this global village where everyone wants to spend their time playing different games on the Xbox. Though for some it can be considered a total waste of time for many, it is their best way to kill time. Technological advancement has brought various changes in the world of entertainment as well. Xbox can be used for a variety of purposes and can also be given as a gift to someone.

Given below are some of the tricks which can be used while using the Xbox One:

1. It is possible to take a screenshot of the screen while being in the middle of the game. All one needs to do is press the Y button on the gamepad and the screenshot would be taken.

2. It is also possible to get some free games with subscription options. It is a good feeling to get something for free.

3. Nowadays, it is very much possible to control a lot of devices with the smartphone and Xbox is also one of them. Technological advancement has now made it possible to control the Xbox through smartphones. Technological advancement has made it possible to have an app almost for anything which connects different devices together.

4. Just like the free games, it is also possible to get a lot of fitness apps with different subscription options.

5. technological advancement has made it possible to talk to loved ones by using the XBox as Skype has been preinstalled making it possible to make the long-distance calls.

6. Since the world has taken a form of a global village, this idea seems to be quite prominent with the Xbox as well as it is possible to play a lot of games on a live stream through the Twitch.

7. XBox also lets a user upload a certain favorite portion of the game on the YouTube.

8. XBox also provides the user to select the gamer pic. Avatars are quite common nowadays and people try to select the one which seems to have somewhat similarity with that Avatar.

9. Just in case if the remote control of the TV has stopped working because of any reason be it the batteries then XBox can be used to control the voice option in TV after being tuned and it is also possible to switch the TV.

10. There is also an option for using parental control in the XBox. It is very important to keep an eye on the kids especially nowadays since everything now is so easily accessible. Parental guidance is a must even for the games to make sure that the games children watch or play are age-appropriate and also there is no violence or anything in particular which they are not supposed to see. The parental control can be regarded as a great feature and there is an option to create separate accounts so it is possible that each member of the family can select an account.