Wi-Fi is essential for any home. This is because it is much cheaper than an internet plan from any ISP. However, it is impossible to tell how far the wireless network signals go since you cannot see them. It’s not even surprising for your network to extend Data Recovery outside your house and give hackers the chance to get connected to it. Fortunately, here are some tips to help you know whether or not outsiders are accessing it. 

A General Decrease In Data Recovery :

There is only a certain level of bandwidth to go around. And if your network is being used by other computers, smart TVs, and phones, then you will start seeing your pages taking too long to load or your downloads going extremely slow. If you are experiencing slow internet speeds, therefore, it is probably because you are sharing your Wi-Fi with someone next door. 

Data Recovery

Use Data Recovery :

Different apps can help you identify a strange device to your Wi-Fi network. For example, Wi-Fi inspector and F-secure Router Checker can detect any IP address as well as device names. These apps also track suspicious wireless activities and connected Twitter devices. However, while some may be expensive in that you will have to pay for them, they are surely worth it if you are tired of people stealing your Wi-Fi. 

Check Your Wireless Router lights :

When there is any wireless activity going on, your wireless router indicator lights should blink. If you are suspecting that someone Data Recovery else is connected to your Wi-Fi, therefore, shut down all your devices. If the wireless router lights are still blinking, then someone else is connected. 

Check Administrator logs :

You can as well login to your router’s administration console if you are suspecting that someone is stealing your Wi-Fi. Most people access their admin page by typing “192.168.11” into the address bar. After login, therefore, look for a section related to connected devices mostly named “attached devices” or “My network.” It will bring the list of devices that are connected, and you can check to find if there are any unwanted users. 

Unauthorized devices tapping into your Wi-Fi does not just reduce the performance but also possess a significant security risk. If you find that your neighbors are using your Wi-Fi, you can start by changing the passwords to a stronger and complicated one, and you can also beef up security.