In the business world, all data need to be safe and secure. A company needs to make sure they protect all types of information. Even the most secure companies may be at risk of being hacked. These are five signs that your company has been hacked.

.1 Suspicious Charges on the Credit cards

You must check your credit card statements and computer expert witness even your online account frequently. The charge will show up and if you do not notice them the hacker will continue to use this. Always check the statements and look for suspicious purchases.

.2 New Programs on the Software

If you have been hacked there may be new programs and apps that suddenly appear on the company computers. When malware is accidentally downloaded hackers can put new programs on the computer. The entire system may need to be restored to fix this.

.3 Password Do not Work

When the passwords are not changing and the security questions are showing up as incorrect this can be a sign that the company has been hacked. When a password needs to be changed the system will prompt you. if you suddenly cannot get into the system this is a sign that it has been hacked.

.4 Systems are Slow

If the computer system is lagging this can be due to hackers. When hackers download information this can make the system run slowly. Also, the computer may be used for cryptojacking. This is where hackers can use the computers so they can mine for cryptocurrency. Computers may run slow at times but if something seems slower than usual this can be a sign of hackers.

.5 Vendor was Breached

If a vendor that your company works with has been hacked there is a chance that your company will be next. The hacker has access to your accounts and you need to take immediate measures to secure your information and any customer-related information.

These are five signs that your computer system has been hacked. At this time you need to contact IT professionals so they can save your company information and the information of your vendors and customers.