Why you might not want to trust online Data Recovery backups

Online backups provide an easy and faster way of storing your Data Recovery. Many people have welcomed this idea and are storing their loads of data in online systems. Whereas this could be a good idea and a show of advancement in technology, there are some loopholes that people fail to consider before deciding that online data backup is their thing. We give you some reasons to show you why you might not want to trust online backups.  

They are prone to hacking :

Like anything else in the internet, online backups are subject to hacking. Many hacking cases of data stored in online set ups have been reported all over the world. Your Linkedin data should be protected and treated with maximum seriousness. You don’t want your sensitive data or information landing in the wrong hands. This can be used to damage you and your organization. When choosing online backups, therefore, it is very important that you ensure that the safety of your data is assured and a working safety measure has been put in place.

They are at a risk of virus attack :

No any online platform can be said to be perfect. The online backups are also prone to attack by malicious software and virus. The virus can partly or even completely destroy your data. Before choosing any online backup, it is very crucial that you consider the safety of the system in regard to virus resistivity. Don’t risk with your data, unless you can afford to lose it!

Consider how easily you can access the backed up Data Recovery :

After you have backed up your data, you will need to be accessing it from time to time. This means that you will have to be downloading your data. You, therefore, need to know how frequently and fast you will be requiring your data to download. Data may take time to download depending on your platform and the speed of your internet connectivity. If you have to use an online backup, be sure that you use a way that doesn’t block you from accessing your data when the need arises.